I love scuba diving. No, I mean I REALLY love scuba diving. I’ve got what’s known as “the diving bug”.

Don’t get too concerned as only a small number of people who get scuba certified will catch this bug. “The bug” is an obsession to want to dive regularly and often. It is the feeling of the excitement that you feel each time you go, as if it was your first time. There are between 2.7 to 3.5 million active scuba divers in the US with as many as 6 million active scuba divers worldwide (dema.org). I think it is fair to say that the majority of this number are divers who either; got certified and have never dove again, got certified and only dive on exotic vacations, got certified and only dive a few times a year or got certified and only dive in the warmer months. If you got certified and dive consistently year round, then chances are, you’ve caught “the diving bug”.

Most people who enjoy the sport at this level have a purpose that draws them to the depths week after week, month after month. Although the beautiful reefs and sea creatures are mesmerizing, a specific purpose is usually what fuels the obsession. A list of the most popular would include; photography, exploring wrecks, exploring caves, research, hunting for lobster or spearfishing. The activity of choice usually defines the type of diver you are and the people you will tend to be drawn to that share your particular love. Although much of the time different groups will mingle together on a charter, there will be times when trips are designed around one activity or another. I’ve seen charters that do not allow spearfishing at all. I’ve also been on boats that cater to spearfishing. Photographers tend to want to go where the reefs are beautiful, where as divers who lobster or spearfish do not really care about that. They prefer to be dropped where ever the hunting is better. Cave divers get specifically trained for cave safety and will need to dive in locations that offer that type of environment. Wreck divers will also get specifically trained and would prefer to visit the wrecks rather than the reefs. So you can see how a particular activity will steer you in the direction toward others who share that interest.

When I am not diving due to bad water conditions, I will usually search the internet for scuba information, do extra maintenance on my current gear or find something scuba related (possibly this blog?) that will fill that void. I find myself planning trips around the ability to dive that area. If someone asks a question or shows interest about scuba diving, I can easily recall facts or great stories of experiences I’ve had while diving. If you can relate to this lifestyle, then you probably have “the diving bug”. It has become more than a hobby, it has become a passion.

I wanted a place where I could post my thoughts, ideas, pictures and stories relating to diving in one spot. My goal is to inform, educate, invoke thoughtful conversations and just have fun with the community I have become so ingratiated in. South Florida is a wonderful place to dive and I consider myself among the luckiest to be able to enjoy the beautiful diving this area has to offer year round.

– stay tuned for fun stories, interesting facts and my FAVORITE scuba items, places and people.

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